You liked Elon's dog? You will love Elon's cat


Inspired by a thought experiment in quantum physics, Elon Musk named his cat Schrödinger. This event is far from trivial; it marks the beginning of a legend. Schrödinger isn’t just the cat with the world’s coolest name; he’s also the wealthiest.

The Ultimate Tribute to the World's Most Famous Cat

Schrödinger gained significant notoriety when Elon Musk repeatedly mentioned it on Twitter, sharing memes, references, and even mentioning it recently. It is our duty to create a decentralized memecoin about this world’s sensation and craft the ultimate tribute to the ONLY cat of Elon.

Floki was based on Elon's dog; we represent Elon's cat

The reasoning is simple. FLOKI achieved a massive $3.5 billion market cap, and it was inspired by Elon Musk’s dog, Floki.
Now, ponder the potential market cap of the cat belonging to the world’s most famous billionaire. You’re absolutely correct; we could be counting in billions.

Join the Quantum Hype

$SCHRODINGER, like any good memecoin, is entirely decentralized and community-owned. However, as founders, we have a plan to propel this exceptional narrative and token to a market cap in the billions, just as Floki achieved in the past.